Kyyba Pitch Club

Recently, my company was chosen to pitch at SPARK Ann Arbor for the Kyyba Pitch Club. It was an amazing and humbling experience because it was my first time pitching my company to a crowd of people. 

Overall, I felt good and was able to share how the inspiration for the product was born as well as all the other "topics" that go into a pitch. 

I left the event with 3 key takeaways:

1) It was awesome and also an honor to present with two companies (Mi Padrino & Foodstand) that are growing, gaining traction and are farther along in the process than my company. 

2) My product and market is extremely challenging and very capital intensive, which makes a lot of investors shy away from wanting to invest...and that's ok. It only takes one investor to invest in my company that hopefully shares my vision.

3) Lastly, I need to have more fun and not take these moments too over the top serious...what I mean is serious to the point where I make others not attract to me or the company. 

I look forward to another opportunity to pitch and when that time arrives, I will try to keep in mind my 3 points above. 

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