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"Ellie and Penny love our new Squish&Scrub brush!!!!! ❤️🐶"

Melanie W.

"We purchased a comfy dog brush at the Columbus Pet Expo a few years back and it seemed like more of a massage to Walter! We immediately saw results where Brushing & Bathing became less anxious and in fact more relaxing. Now grooming has become a great time for us all to bond as a family!”

Sherma C.

"I have used the squish&scrub for a couple of years on my German Shepherd. Easy to use. Great now when we can't get to the groomers."

Dr. Randi Lou F.

Dog Scrub Brush

Welcome to Squish&Scrub, where we carry one of the most effective, efficient, and comfortable dog scrub brushes on the market. Created from our very own patented design, our silicone dog brush is the ideal solution for keeping your pet’s hair at bay. Keep your pets happy and cozy with our soft yet comfy brush technology. Our brush works for cats, horses, and animals of all kind.

If you’re tired of investing in countless dog fur brushes, look no further. Our brush is designed for wet and dry use. Additionally, it can also be used to remove pet hair off fabrics inside the house as well as your vehicle.

For more information regarding our premium quality dog scrub brush, make sure to contact our team today.