About Us

In 2006, my wife visited the Michigan Humane Society to play with the dogs to cheer herself up. Then one day, a little Border Collie mix rescue pup came up to her...and that was all it took. We ended up adopting him and naming him "Bleu" (a homonym because we attended the University of Michigan).

Fast-forward to 2010, and I am selling in the Cath Lab at a local hospital. I observed physicians scrubbing their hands prior to surgery and I noticed that they were using these little scrub brushes with soap infused in the sponge. I immediately thought to myself: I need something like that for Bleu because he smells awfully bad whenever I pick him up from doggy day camp (don't judge me). Before I had this idea, I bought and used many types of shampoos, dry dog shampoos, wet wipes, scrub brushes and etc.

After searching the internet, I was not able to find a product that fit my needs and after researching and tinkering, I finally came up with a solution that evolved and is now the Comfy Pet Brush! 

Overall, we hope you enjoy using our products and most importantly, we hope we have made it easier for you to groom your pet(s).