Q: What if I am not satisfied with this product?
A: Squish&Scrub stands behind our quality and products. We offer a Lifetime and Money-Back Guarantee should you be unhappy with any of our products.

Q: Will the scrub brush bristles hurt my dog?
A: No. The bristles are made of soft rubber/silicone material that gently massages the dog's skin. The harder you press, the greater the stimulation.

Q: What are some long coat dog breeds the Comfy Dog Brush, Medium to Long Haired Coats (Blue Color) could be used on?
A: Border Collie, Corgi, Retriever, Doodles, Shepherds, Cocker Spaniel, Maltese, Sheltie, Husky, etc.

Q: What are some short coat dog breeds the Comfy Dog Brush, Short Haired Coats (Orange Color) could be used on?
A: Bulldog, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Pug, Dalmatian, Labs, etc.