How to Remove Dog Hair from Your Car and House

If you’re wondering how to remove dog hair from your car as well as how to remove dog hair from your house and furniture, this in-depth guide is the perfect read for you. Pet hair, in general, can become somewhat bothersome. Depending on which kind of dog you have, the hair accumulating in your home can range from explosive globs of fur to short stubbles that poke you when you sit down. Regardless of which type of fur you’re dealing with, it’s always good measure to keep the climate under control when possible. Low humidity environments create more static electricity, which in turn creates more pet dander and shedding. The ideal range is between 30-50% humidity.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Your House?

Our Comfy Dog Brush is very versatile, as it can be used to remove pet fur and lint from furniture, car upholstery, and carpeting. This ergonomic brush’s silicone design allows for easy pickup and removal of bothersome pet hair. If you’re trying to remove pet hair from your carpets, make sure you are giving them a deep scrub to ensure you lifted as much of the hair as possible. As one final touch, vacuum over the trouble area twice in alternative directions to ensure all pet hair has been removed.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Your Car?

The Comfy Dog Brush is the perfect solution for removing unwanted pet hair from your vehicle. Its patented silicone design acts as a magnet, allowing for easy removal of pet hair. What you want to do is lightly scrub on the upholstery to help remove any fur. If pet fur remains bothersome on the vehicle carpets, you can scrub a little more generously. To achieve maximum hair removal, go over the affected area one last time with a vacuum.

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